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Easy & Fast Salmon Recipe

Poached Salmon In A Tomato Reduction Sauce.

This is a easy recipe that i created and cooked within 30 minutes. When i went grocery shopping this morning, i came across beautiful Atlantic Salmon fillets that were on sale by the pound. So i went ahead and bought a 3 Pound beast of a salmon fillet and asked myself how can i cook this besides the way i usually cook salmon, which is baked in aluminum foil with herbs, citrus, onions and bell peppers or the most common way which is frying steaks in a sauté pan. I wanted to do something different so i thought about Poached Salmon which is something i have not tried. I had a crushed San Marzano tomatoes can in the pantry, so i thought why not poach it in a tomato sauce. I gathered up shallots, bell peppers(which go great with salmon), garlic, cilantro and white wine. After reducing the sauce for 15 minutes with 5 beautiful salmon steaks i cut out and nestled in there, i tried the sauce. It was delicious but needed something else. I immediately thought about putting a fried egg on top. Ive had sautéed salmon with a fried egg on top and it went together so nicely. The silky ness of the yolk goes really well with the tender salmon. So after cutting up the ingredients, poaching the salmon in the sauce and frying the egg, this beautiful dish was done within 30 minutes. I had left over Risotto which i quickly heated up and toasted garlic bread from the grocery store which toasted in the oven for 8 minutes and dinner was served. The risotto and toasted garlic bread go great here soaking up the sauce. I hope you try this and let me know how it comes out.



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